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Ephrata Self Storage Facility

Self Storage in Ephrata, PA

Self storage should be easy, convenient, that’s the whole point isn’t it? Your unit should be yours! So keep your belongings with us at Ephrata Self Storage. We know our customers and we’ll work with you to figure out the best storage solutions for you. Our facility is open all day every day to make sure you’ll always be able to access your units whenever the need arises, no fuss required.

Storage Units in Ephrata, PA

Not only do we offer the picture of ease and convenience once you have one of our units, we also have the latest and greatest online move in tech powering our business. You can view and rent units right in  your own home, right now, in fact! Go ahead and give it a look, we promise you won’t be disappointed in our facility. Only the best personal storage business in the area, only the best for our customers.

Mini Storage Solutions

Storage Units

Location, location, location, right? Why take a major detour or wind down some back roads to get to your stuff! We’re conveniently located, with wide lanes between our units, you can drive right up to your unit  to load or unload whatever you need to, whenever you need to. Speaking of whenever, our entire facility is kept well lit at all hours to ensure your safety and security, it’s not just about the convenience after all,  but keeping you and your belongings safe and sound.